Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

Benefits Of Choosing A Bridge Over An Implant

by Gregory Price

If you have a missing tooth, it is important that you choose a tooth replacement option. This keeps your other teeth from shifting and makes it easier to have proper chewing function. Two of the more popular tooth replacement options are getting a dental bridge or a dental implant. Here are some reasons you might want to choose a dental bridge.

You Will Spend Less Money

One of the top benefits of choosing a dental bridge over an implant is the fact that you will likely spend less money. A dental bridge is typically less expensive, so financing usually isn't an issue. This means you can get a dental bridge now and you might even have some of the restoration covered by your dental insurance plan. Insurance does not always cover dental implants because they are sometimes considered optional or cosmetic. Since you don't want to put off replacing the tooth, it is a good budget-friendly alternative to an implant.

Bridges Offer a Faster Process

This is especially important if the missing tooth is near the front where people can see it if you talk or smile. You probably don't want to wait to replace the missing tooth, so a bridge is a good idea in this case. While an implant does offer you a temporary crown after the initial installation of the metal post, the actual healing time takes several months. However, with a bridge, you just need to wait for the crowns and artificial tooth to be made in a dental lab; then you can have the restoration done.

Having Enough Jaw Bone Isn't an Issue

With a dental implant, the metal post is implanted into the jaw bone of the missing tooth, where the post acts as a tooth root. Unfortunately, this requires a good amount of jaw bone in order to heal around the post properly. If you have been missing this tooth for a while, you may not have enough bone left, which then requires a bone graft, costing even more money and time. A dental bridge doesn't involve the bone at all, so it won't be a concern.

Less Pain is Involved

If you have ever had a crown, you know about how much discomfort is involved with a dental bridge. The bridge has an artificial tooth in the middle of two crowns, which are attached to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. A little filing down of these teeth, impressions, and bonding is all that is needed. With an implant, it is oral surgery, so there is more discomfort during the healing process.

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Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

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