Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

What Makes A Family Dentist Different Than General Dentists?

by Gregory Price

If you are someone who is looking for a dentist to serve your entire family, you may be wondering what the difference between a family dentist and a general dentist is. Here is how most family dentists differ:

They Specialize in all Stages of Life

General dentists can handle most oral healthcare needs, but they do not specialize in any specific aspect of dentistry. On the other hand, family dentists specialize in all life stages of oral care. They understand problems and defects in toddler teeth better than anyone else. They also know everything there is to know about providing the elderly with dentures and dealing with gum problems that could arise due to wearing dentures.

Family dentists make it a point to study different life stages of oral care throughout their careers, whether that be by going to seminars, committing to book study, or participating in scientific studies. They may not know a lot about aesthetic oral care, like the latest teeth whitening techniques, but they have you and your family covered when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.

They Understand Family Dynamics

Another thing that sets family dentists apart from other types of dentists is the fact that they understand family dynamics well. They know that young children can be afraid when visiting the dentist for the first time, and they usually have rewards and fun interactions ready to help ease the situation. They understand how worried parents can get about a dental problem their child may be facing, and they are armed with the information and encouragement necessary to put those worries to rest.

Family dentists outfit their waiting rooms for the comfort of children and adults alike. There is no need to worry about whether your child will get bored or make too much noise while waiting to see a family dentist. What's more, family dentists understand that scheduling dentist appointments for a busy family can be challenging, so they tend to offer expanded and weekend hours.

They are Used to A Variety of Personalities

Because family dentists work with a wide variety of people from all walks of life and in all stages of life, they tend to have an open mind and lots of patience. They do not expect their patients to behave in a certain manner like quiet, general dentists who see only adults might. They are equipped to handle temper tantrums, crying parents, big personalities, and the shy ones all the same — with dignity and respect.


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Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

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