Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

Benefits Of Getting Braces At An Early Age

by Gregory Price

For many years, orthodontists only recommended putting braces on children's teeth once their baby teeth fell out. Today, orthodontists believe that younger children greatly benefit from early orthodontic treatment with braces. Early intervention putting braces on children's teeth provides more benefits than just straightening their teeth. Here are some benefits of getting braces for early orthodontic intervention:

Braces Make Room for New Teeth

Some children have issues with crowding teeth. When the baby teeth crowd close to each other, it becomes difficult for the permanent teeth to erupt. Braces can help expand the jaw just enough to make space for the permanent teeth to come through the gum line.

Braces Help Prevent Protruding Teeth

Another benefit of getting braces for younger children is that they can help repair teeth that protrude too forward in the mouth. When the teeth stick out too far, they cannot be covered appropriately by the lips. The teeth are more susceptible to damage or even loss any time the teeth are even gently bumped. Braces will put the teeth back into proper alignment. It is important to fix this issue sooner rather than later. If the teeth are repaired younger, the teeth will be easier to fix versus waiting until the child grows.

Braces Change the Shape of the Face

When the teeth are misaligned, it means the jaw is not in the right place. When the jaw is not in the correct position, it can change the shape of the face. When the teeth are realigned correctly, the jaw will be in proper alignment. This will ultimately change the shape of the face and make it appear more symmetrical.

Braces Improve Speech

If your child has a problem with their speech, your child may benefit from getting braces at an early age. When teeth improperly overlap, it allows air to escape through the teeth and causes a whistling sound. In other instances, there are some obstructions that can cause children to lisp or have other issues speaking. Getting braces and correcting the alignment will help improve the child's ability to speak.

Braces Early Intervention Helps Decrease Treatment Time

When you get early orthodontic treatment for your child, the timing of the procedure will decrease. Braces occur in multiple phases. The first phase helps to decrease any trauma the teeth have been under and repair the most crucial issues. If you deal with those problems early enough, the next phase can proceed much faster. You also have less risk of removing any teeth since the early braces created the perfect space for the permanent teeth to flourish.

For more information on kids' braces, contact a doctor near you.


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Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

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