Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

How Gum Disease Is Linked To Other Health Problems

by Gregory Price

Gum disease is a problem that can impact the health of your gums and tissues that help support your teeth. While most people are well aware of the problems that gum disease has on your oral health, they are unaware of the impact that it has on the rest of your body. Here are some other known health conditions that are linked to periodontal disease. 

Cardiovascular Disease

While there is still more to discover about the link between cardiovascular disease and gum disease, there are plenty of things that are known so far. The problem is that a person with gum disease will have a lot of plaque buildup, and that plaque can get into the arteries. If a blockage were to happen, you would be more at risk of having heart disease and potentially experiencing a heart attack. 


Anyone that has diabetes is going to have a weaker immune system compared to before they had diabetes. This weak immune system is what makes it tough for the body to fight an infection, which is why gum disease is more common. However, there is also a problem where gum disease can disrupt a diabetic person's blood sugar levels. This is why gum disease and diabetes often go hand in hand if oral hygiene is not the best.

Respirator Disease 

There is also a known link between respiratory disease and periodontal disease. If you are inhaling that bacteria that is in your mouth, it will get into your lungs. This can lead to an infection in your lungs, or an existing medical condition becoming worse. You may be more at risk of developing pneumonia or COPD as a result of a problem with gum disease. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis

There are many ways that gum disease can affect other parts of your body, and it has even been linked to rheumatoid arthritis. This is all due to how a person's immune system behaves, and there is a potential to have joint swelling and pain associated with gum disease. 

Gum disease is a serious problem that cannot be ignored. While things may seem like they are only affecting your gums, you won't realize that other damage has been caused until it is too late. That's why it's so important to have your gums checked for gum disease since you want to catch it during the early stages when it's easy to address. 

For more info about periodontal disease, contact a local company. 


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Fighting Dental Disease: Learn More About It Here

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